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Hey There

I am so happy that you are visiting my site! Let’s chat about why I chose fertility nutrition.

Our fertility journey started in 2016. After trying to conceive naturally for 2 years we decided to seek medical help (I know we waited too long). After several diagnostic tests I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. The gynae prescribed a 3 month's course of ovulation induction treatment to me. After 3 months I still was not pregnant. This was a big shock to us as my husband and I are by nature quite healthy and thought it would be a quick 'fix'. Never have I thought there will be such a long and emotional road still to come...

So, life happened and we decided to immigrate which made this whole journey even more stressful. Being in a foreign country, we had to start the whole process again...from a GP visit, getting referred to a fertility specialist, diagnostic tests and finally starting with treatment again. This time around our fertility team advised us to start with IUI accompanied by hormone treatment (FSH and Gonadotropins). After 4 failed IUI cycles our hopes were really up and we were questioning if we ever will have children. But we never gave up and pushed forward because having children are such a big dream for us.

Then the covid pandemic struck and all fertility treatments was put on hold. As this journey is not stressful enough! So, during this time we waited I changed my whole lifestyle and focussed on improving my egg quality. I investigated this area so much and realized that I can do so much more to improve my chances to fall pregnant. I decided to control the thing I can which included - a proper evidence-based supplementation plan, improving my eating habits, removing estrogen disruptors such as BPA, pesticides and heavy metal exposure.

Fertility treatments resumed again but with limited intake and we had to wait our turn. I will never forget the phone call which I received where they told us that we have been accepted for IVF - it felt like winning the Lottery (well I think that is how it feels :))!! So 15 August 2020 we started with IVF, more specifically ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection).

By the grace of God, I fell pregnant with the first cycle and my baby girl was born 15 May 2021. 



​I studied B.Dietetics at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. My professional career as a registered dietitian kicked off in 2010 where I gained extensive experience by working as a clinical dietitian in a hospital setting until 2013. I worked with a variety of patients (from ICU patients, renal patients, paediatrics to female health).


My career then evolved in product development as a Research and Development Mananger. I was part of several successful international brand launches. In 2016 I received a diploma in Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


In 2017 I filled the position of Enteral Nutrition Product Manager of a market leading pharmaceutical company - then we immigrated....


Since then I devoted my time and passion as a consulting dietitian, especially focusing on fertility and nutrition - I did several trainings and intense courses in Fertility Nutrition which equipped me with the latest scientific information. 

In conclusion - if you’re trying to conceive, or are currently pregnant, I look forward to working with you to optimise your diet, to give your little one a head start in life.




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