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coz_: ah ok Siafra, sudo mount -a @escott: thanks! Siafra, if it wasnt mounted then you can either umount it or just -a, check to make sure you don't have any instances of it still mounted Siafra, perhaps you need to "udevadm trigger --subsystem-match=block --action=change --mode=block" escott: man mount | "Recursive and/or repeated mount of any filesystem or sub-volume." llutz: in mount the "recursive" option can be used to do that llutz: man mount | grep recursive iceroot: if you get it into ubuntu, fine with me :) theres so many linux desktop os @escott: i seem to have something mounted... its the partition, /boot. Do I have to unmount this to continue? llutz, and most mount commands in gnome-shell have --recursive enabled by default escott: escott: thats a change in behavior from gnome-shell recently. before that wasnt needed escott: i did sudo umount /dev/sda1 and got: device is busy. escott: but then, you could have chosen "always" and left the users with no clue why the system-mounter stopped working Siafra, umount, not umount /dev/sda1 @escott: sudo umount /dev/sda1 still returns the same message Siafra, in your udevadm trigger you want to change the subsystem to block lappie, there are many @escott: i'll go and see if i can find out what subsystem i have set @escott: i've found it in /etc/f




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