Fertility-boosting nuts

You are highly likely to find nuts on most lists to eat as the best foods to eat for fertility. But which nuts are good for fertility? How do they help and how often should we eat them?

First of all, all nuts are good for fertility as nuts are key component of the Mediterranean diet which has been shown to be one of the best diets to boosting fertility. Furthermore, nuts are rich in good fats, plant protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - all of which has been found to be beneficial for fertility. In addition to be a delicious snack, as a plant protein food, nuts can be eating instead a few days each week. This can be good for fertility as studies have suggest that boosting our intake of plant protein can be a beneficial strategy of optimizing fertility.

Although there have not been any specific studies undertaken which specifically tell us which nuts are best for fertility but by reviewing the nutrients in the different types of nuts and analysing which nutrients are important for fertility - we can rate which nuts will be the best.

Here are my top 5 fertility-boosting nuts and why:

1. Brazil nuts

  • Very rich in selenium.

  • 2 brazil nuts/day = 100% of your selenium requirements

  • selenium plays a key role in a healthy reproductive system

  • selenium deficiency is a common cause of infertility and miscarriages

  • selenium is also a powerful antioxidant fighting of free radicles so that your eggs don't suffer any chromosomal damage

  • Rich in good fats, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

2. Pine nuts

  • They are super rich in two key nutrients needed for implantation - Vitamin E and an amino acid called Arginine

  • Studies have suggested that both nutrients seem to increase your uterine lining as well as opening up blood vessels to increase blood flow

3. Walnuts

  • Rich in omega 3 fats

  • They are incredibly high in antioxidants (1500 mg per 100g).

  • Antioxidants are great for fertility as they are great for fighting off free radicles which can damage our eggs. There more antioxidants we get in our diet, the better.

4. Cashews

  • Good source of iron

  • It has a super low GI rating (25 GI rating!)

  • Lower GI foods helps to slow down digestion which helps you to be fuller for longer and helps to maintain a healthy weight.

  • A healthy weight and balanced blood glucose levels are both beneficial to your fertility

5. Macadamia nuts

  • Rich in micronutrients such as thiamine and manganese (around 150 mg of antioxidants per 100g)

  • Rich in omega 3 fats (81% of the fats in macadamia's is omega 3) - which is great for reducing inflammation which is a common cause of infertility

In conclusion, remember all nuts are good for fertility so try to mix them up, aiming to have around 30 g each day.

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